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BBC 1 'Age Before Beauty'

Sky 'Curfew'

Netflix 'Free Rein'

Sarah millican 'how to be champion' Uk tour

Jack of all trades master of none.

born in blackpool, raised in leyland (where the trucks come from) and currently residing in manchester.

becky studied art and design up to degree level, concentrating mainly on hand drawn animation and photography. After starting a career in television production, illustration became her creative outlet.

becky hand illustrates her greetings cards, mug designs and fabrics. her bigger pleasure is making custom cards with requested memories and designs which tend to be a lot of fun. 

also making bespoke wedding invitations is very special, please get in contact if you are interested, not everything  has a willy or vag on - honest!

in store at:

Franny & filer , Beech road, chorlton, manchester 


bird's yard, sheffielD


Altrincham market, manchester


levenshulme market, manchester


'a steaming mug of wet vulva. just what you want alongside your frosties'

'that isn't what I think it is????!!!!'

'No, just no.....'

'looks like a weird fruit, think it would put me off my tea'

'I couldn't drink my bovril out of that!!'